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The Creative Guide

We are a broadcast-quality training channel that delivers educational content with the production standards and technical specifications suitable for broadcasting on television or similar high-quality media outlets.

Dave, a teacher, showcases camera skills to his students

Engaging Presentation!

Most online training is boring; we all know that. Our fundamental goal is to ensure our students do not fall asleep or switch off during any of our courses.


We always aim to keep the energy levels high and keep your interest at an even higher level. This professional and engaging approach is crucial to help you get the most out of our courses.

Dave, instructs his students on camera usage.

Live Recording!

Our courses are recorded live, which helps keep the energy levels high. This approach allows our presenters to act like they are training you in your living room. 

A live recording is a challenging thing to carry out. However, decades of experience in the classroom, teaching all of these courses to students in an actual room, not only means we can do this, it means we think there is no better way of doing it.

Student smiles while watching Dave's course on laptop.


When we decided to create our own Photography TV Production Company, we were determined to deliver the highest quality video training possible. 

To do this, we needed to create a ‘broadcast quality level’ training operation aimed at significantly breaking beyond industry norms. All our videos are recorded in 1080p HD, with the highest quality sound. We feel that online training is crying out for this professional approach.

Camera in Dave's hand, settings being adjusted.

Highest Quality - In Everything We Do

We are committed to providing training materials, courses, and instructional content that meets the professional standards associated with broadcast television production. 

This includes focusing on high-resolution video, clear and crisp audio, engaging visuals, and overall production excellence. The aim is to offer students an immersive and polished learning experience akin to the quality they expect from mainstream broadcast media. 

Our investment in state-of-the-art equipment, skilled teams, and meticulous production processes ensures that our educational content not only imparts valuable knowledge but also does so in a visually and technically impressive manner, enhancing the overall educational impact.

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